PMC Adds QB1-XBD-A High Resolution Speaker System

The Company's Latest Active Loudspeaker System Designed to Create 'Ultimate Home Theater'
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British loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has added the QB1-XBD-Active system to its line of active loudspeakers.

The QB1 XBD-Active joins the line of PMC designs that have been used on the sets of Hollywood productions. The company was awarded an Emmy for its "contribution to recording excellence" in 1996.

The QB1 XBD-Active is a development of the single-cabinet version featured at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, where many Oscar-winning movies have been recorded and mixed. The system brings together class-D amplifier design, DSP control, and patented ATL bass-loading technology. 

This single-reference speaker has analog and digital inputs (up to 192 kHz), with a maximum SPL of 134 dB at one meter and an array of eight 10-inch Nomex carbon-fiber piston bass drivers per channel. The onboard ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) bass-loading system relies on cabinet construction and patented absorption materials to increase bass response.

Power is supplied by PMC’s low-distortion amplification at 8,825 watts per channel, and each driver is directly coupled to its own independent power amplifier.