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Reolink Celebrates 14 Years With New Security Products

The company has introduced its four latest core innovations, including 4K battery camera series, ColorX series, and more.

Reolink, an innovator of home security solutions, will be celebrating 14 years in business this year. Over the past year, Reolink has brought new security products to homeowners and small business owners, and has introduced its four latest core innovations, including the 4K battery camera series, ColorX series, and more.

Reolink 4K Battery Camera

4K Battery Camera Series: With Reolink 4K Battery Camera Series, users can experience Live View and Playback with ultra HD resolution, exploring every tiny detail.

ColorX Series: Reolink launches the ColorX Series to ensure users’ peace of mind in extremely low light conditions. The combination of a super large F1.0 aperture and advanced 1/1.8-inch sensor makes it possible for the camera to create high-fidelity color imagery in even the dimmest light. Without extra lighting, ColorX cameras still reveal the faintest details in true-to-life colors at night. Being less noticeable, the camera can be an addition to existing ones, forming an overlapped security set to enhance security for users.

Reolink ColorX Night Vision

Auto-Tracking: Reolink security cameras feature auto-tracking that will automatically detect, follow, and record a specific vehicle, person, or pet in the monitoring area. Users can be worry-free about losing sight of the target when it gets out of the frame. Cameras will always lock on the intruder and enable users to see the complete move.

16X Optical Zoom: By sharpening the varifocal lens, Reolink releases the first security camera with 16X optical zoom: RLC-823A 16X. The camera can quickly and accurately capture distant objects without affecting image quality. Users are empowered to see the finest details, such as people’s clothing features and car license plates, even from afar.

Reolink’s 14-Year Journey

Step by step, Reolink has grown from the startup launching 1080p Argus camera to the innovator of the advanced 4K battery camera series. To express its gratitude for the backers of the first Argus series, Reolink will run a Thank You, Argus Backer campaign to send 50 new 4K Argus 3 Ultra cameras and 50 smart garden floodlights as unique thank-you gifts.

Beginning June 19, Reolink can participate in other anniversary celebration activities, such as giveaways and AMA-Ask Me Anything, on Reolink social media. Moreover, customers can snag over 100 smart security products with up to 40 percent discounts on Reolink’s anniversary epic sale.

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