SnapAV Launches New WattBox UPSs With OvrC

Technology Allows for Remote Monitoring, Configuration
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SnapAV has launched a new line of WattBox uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) with OvrC capability. When paired with a WattBox IP power conditioner, the UPS allows for remote management through both OvrC and the WattBox user interface.

“From day one, WattBox has been about professional-grade power,” said Matthew Kamp, product director for WattBox. “This UPS solution stays true to that promise by bringing OvrC connectivity to a battery backup. Its flexible, two-piece install lets dealers mount the battery module on the bottom of the rack and still place outlets exactly where they want using a connected WattBox IP power conditioner. This is a completely new approach to the UPS market.”

Integrators are able to use the OvrC platform to stay one step ahead of their clients, thanks to remote monitoring capabilities and alerts. 

“With OvrC, the UPS becomes much easier to manage,” Kamp said. “Using the same OvrC dashboard they’re already familiar with, dealers can monitor battery health and prioritize components for load shedding. Not only can they minimize truck rolls due to remote management capability, but with advanced notifications, they can be proactive and give customers an ideal experience.” 

In addition to complete OvrC functionality, this UPS line incorporates pure sine wave technology for clean power, full autonomic voltage regulation (AVR) to prevent interruptions, EMI/RFI shielding, and Graceful Shutdown via USB port.

The WattBox OvrC UPS comes in 1,100, 1,500, and 2,000VA options.