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Solatube Announces the New Engineered Performance Series Whole House Fan

The whisper-quiet fan has the power to cool a home and dramatically reduce AC-related costs.

Solatube International Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of tubular skylights and home ventilation systems, has announced the launch of the Engineered Performance Series (EPS)  Whole House Fans.

Solatube Whole-Home Cooling Diagram

The Solatube EPS Whole House Fan pulls in refreshing, cool outside air through a home’s windows while simultaneously expelling hot, stagnant indoor air from the attic and vents. Unlike air conditioning systems that simply recirculate air, this home ventilation solution replaces the air in the main living spaces and attic with fresh air.

Solatube Whole-Home Cooling

With a sleek and modern look achieved by eliminating visible grille fasteners, the EPS Whole House Fan seamlessly integrates with any home and is the perfect combination of power and grace. Homeowners can enjoy whisper-quiet airflow due to the HushMount 2 technology, along with a reduction in temperatures of up to 30 degrees, leading to significantly cooler indoor environments and reduced air conditioning usage. Equipped with seven variable speed options, the Comfort Control Remote also allows homeowners to fine-tune their settings with ease for personalized comfort.

In line with Solatube’s commitment to energy efficiency, the new EPS Whole House Fan incorporates several advanced features that enhance its performance and functionality. The inclusion of Soft Start technology not only saves electricity but also extends the lifespan of the motor by enabling a smooth and gradual startup, mitigating the energy surge typically associated with conventional fan systems. Additionally, the EPS Whole House Fan is equipped with an R6 damper door, offering superior insulation to prevent air leakage and maintain energy efficiency within the home. This design helps to minimize heat loss during colder months and keeps the cool air trapped indoors during warmer seasons. An easily removable and dishwasher-safe intake grille simplifies maintenance and cleaning, allowing homeowners to keep the system operating at optimal efficiency.

With four models that can be used alone or combined to cool any size house or number of zones, Solatube has the EPS Whole House Fan to get the job done:

  • EPS Zone: Cools areas 500 to 1200 square feet
  • EPS Plus: Cools areas 1,000 to 2,200 square feet
  • EPS Ultra: Cools areas 2,000 to 3,200 square feet
  • EPS Extreme: Cools areas 3,000+ square feet

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