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TERK Launches New Trinity XTEND HDTV Antenna

TERK is shipping its new Trinity XTEND (TRINITYXTN) amplified indoor HDTV antenna with Wi-Fi extender.

TERK is shipping its new Trinity XTEND (TRINITYXTN) amplified indoor HDTV antenna with Wi-Fi extender. This cord-cutter accessory doubles as an HD antenna and a Wi-Fi extender to boost streaming speeds. This reduces buffering and turns dead zones into hot spots—all while acting as an HD antenna that lets you watch your favorite broadcast channels like FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, PBS, and Univision for free. The TERK Trinity XTEND is $79.99 and available today at Walmart.

Setup is performed from a smartphone, with the free TERK XTEND app available from the Apple App store or Google Play.

“Streaming and cord-cutting have never been hotter,” said Ian Geise, president, TERK. “Consumers have never had more options and control over their home entertainment than they do now. Still, consumers can have unpleasant surprises when they finally venture out into this brave new world. HD reception can be challenging in many environments, and plenty of Wi-Fi networks are not necessarily ready for the streaming spotlight. By combining a Wi-Fi extender into our TERK Trinity antenna, we’re giving cord cutters and cord nevers best-in-class HDTV reception and the strongest possible Wi-Fi signal from their router to their streaming devices, in a single, small, stylish device they can mount to a wall or sit on any flat surface.”

The Trinity XTEND Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna with Wi-Fi Extender features fast 802.11N wireless for better Wi-Fi coverage for your streaming devices. Its patent-pending trimodal TV antenna technology combines the signals from multiple antenna types into one unique reception platform providing excellent signal reception quality, which outperforms traditional TV antenna designs and delivers higher-quality reception characteristics across both VHF and UHF broadcasts.

This technology offers a wider field of coverage of HD broadcast signals to ensure a user’s TV receives the most broadcast channels possible up to 60 miles away from the tower. With the Trinity XTEND, users can enjoy 1080i HDTV network programming to watch their favorite OTA shows for free, along with faster streaming of their favorite web-based shows. The antenna comes pre-assembled for easy setup with minimal adjustment.