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Elite ProAV Announces New Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST Series

Distinguishes itself with the ability to “roll-up” into its casing when it is not in use.

Elite ProAV is has announced the Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST series, its newest ceiling ambient light rejecting projection screen in a motorized configuration. This electric screen features the DarkStar UST material, which absorbs 95 percent of overhead and side lighting to provide a clear rich projection image. The Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST distinguishes itself with the ability to “roll-up” into its casing when it is not in use.

The ability to counter the “wash out” effect of ambient light makes it a must for business applications such as boardrooms, conference rooms, or training facilities due to the rarity of completely dark projection environments. While matte white screens suffer from the wash out effects of room lighting, the Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST offers the best picture quality in any dark or lit environment, according to the company.

Primary Features

  • DarkStar UST Ceiling Light Rejecting material absorbs up to 95 percent of overhead lighting
  • 100x contrast enhancement over standard matte white screens
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle allows viewers to spread out while maintaining uniform picture quality
  • Tab-tension design helps maintain a flat projection surface
  • Included with full remote control system

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