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Paradigm’s New Reference Signature Series

Paradigm Electronics Inc. will introduce the third version of its flagship Paradigm Reference Signature Series at CEDIA 2009. Thousands of Paradigm research and engineering hours went into developing the Signature Series v.3 speakers, which are the highest-output, most dynamic high-end loudspeakers ever produced.

Contributing to v.3’s 50-percent increase in output are extensive modifications to the bass/midrange drive units. Signature v.3 bass/midrange drivers are fitted with extreme low-density NLC (Non-Limiting Corrugated) TPE surrounds, and are then FEA-optimized and overmolded onto the cone. The surround material is 10 times more effective than standard thermoplastic elastomers in damping vibrations and resonances, and the new corrugated design has increased peak-to-peak cone excursion to a full 30-mm. A new long-stroke, split-coil motor system takes advantage of the extreme excursion by doubling the linear portion of the stroke without requiring a larger magnet. The redesigned motor also keeps mass and inductance of the voice coil low for quality midrange clarity.

Bass cones on Paradigm’s Signature v.3 speakers were re-engineered for increased stiffness and better equipped for higher output with new NLC Santoprene surrounds. To support the extended excursion, the motor structure was also redesigned, increasing the linear portion of the stroke through voice coils almost double the original in length. Other new parts including a yoke and pole piece that were retooled and FEA-optimized and magnets that were thickened to accommodate double-distance cone travel.

Value-conscious audiophiles will appreciate the option of Paradigm Reference G-PAL (gold-plated pure-aluminum) dome tweeters on the compact S1, C1 and ADP1 models, making the Reference Signature experience even more attainable.

A full list of upgrades to Signature v.3 is listed below. All models will ship by CEDIA.

Upgrades to Signature v.3 Bass/Midrange and Bass Drive Units
• Overmolded NLC non-limiting corrugated TPE (Santoprene for the bass
• drivers) surrounds
• Redesigned Nomex Spiders
• Redesigned die-cast aluminum heatsink chassis with AVS cooling
• Advanced split-coil motor system (bass/midrange drivers)
• Cutting-edge long-stroke motor system (bass drivers)
• Thickened permanent ceramic (hard ferrite) magnets with focused-field geometry
• Retooled magnetic pole piece and metal top plate (bass drivers)
• Metallized high-integrity dust caps (bass/midrange drivers)
• Injection-molded, mineral-filled polypropylene bass cones boast a 30% increase in mineral content

The Signature v.3 lineup (prices shown are cherry finish, U.S. FMV):
S1 G-PAL Two-driver two-way compact bookshelf, G-PAL (gold-plated, pure-aluminum) domes – $599/each
S1 P-Be – Two-driver two-way compact bookshelf, P-Be (pure berrylium) domes – $799/ea
S2 Two driver two-way bookshelf – $1,299/ea
S6 Four-driver three-way floorstanding – $2,599/ea
S8 Six-driver three-way floorstanding – $3,499/ea
C1 G-PAL Four-driver three-way center, G-PAL (gold-plated pure-aluminum) domes – $1,099/ea
C1 P-Be – Four-driver three-way center, P-Be (pure berrylium) domes – $1,299/ea
C3 Four-driver three-way center – $1,999/ea
C5 Six-driver 3.5-way center – $3,499/ea
ADP1 G-PAL Five-driver three-way surround, G-PAL (gold-plated pure-aluminum) domes – $999/ea
ADP1 P-Be – Five-driver three-way surround, P-Be (pure berrylium) domes – $1,299/ea
ADP3 Five driver three-way surround – $1,599/ea