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Revel’s Performa B150 Subwoofer

Revel’s new Performa B150 subwoofer combines a long-excursion 15-inch woofer and 1,200 Watts RMS of integrated amplification.

Its 15-inch woofer and four-inch voice coil are integrated with a 36-pound motor system and a true 1.5-inch linear excursion, resulting in the capability to provide high amounts of low-distortion bass without resorting to servo-feedback. This is due in part to the B150’s symmetrical magnetic field, flux stabilization ring, and copper shorting ring. This is combined with an integrated amplifier which produces 1,200 watts RMS continuous power and an extraordinary 2,800 watts of peak power, providing the B150 with substantial headroom.

Revel also has engineered advanced protective circuitry that allows the B150 to reproduce natural bass with maximum dynamic “punch.” This allows integrators to reliably build home theater and music systems that can accommodate film sound, with a subwoofer that can hold its own paired with the finest loudspeakers available.