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Record Number of Dealers and Vendors Attend Azione Fall Conference

Organization celebrates 8th year anniversary.

Azione Unlimited (AU) dealers and vendors are gathering in Seattle, WA this week to share ideas, learn from each other, increase profitability and to network and make friends within the organization.

Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited, addresses dealer members in an opening presentation.

Azione Unlimited, The Smart Home Association, was founded in 2011 by Richard Glikes with a focus on bringing together like-minded dealers, customer retailers, integrators, and vendors and is the first U.S. buying group to expand into Canada.

The Fall Conference is being held at the Sheraton Grand Seattle from Oct. 14-16 with over 270 dealer and vendor members from across the U.S. and Canada, the largest attendance for the group to date.

Responding to member feedback, Azione is providing more time for one-on-one dealer/vendor conversations as well as deep dive learning tracks at different intensity levels to increase dealer knowledge on lighting, OPS/HR, and process.

“The most powerful aspect of Azione Unlimited is its ability to absorb a wealth of information, generate a strong strategy, and implement a robust initiative for our members,” said Richard Glikes, President of Azione Unlimited. “By offering more extensive education opportunities in lighting, process, and operations, our members avoid the fatal pitfalls of starting from scratch. It pushes the starting line closer to the goal, reduces takeoff friction, and establishes a long-lasting success in every aspect of their business.”

“There are 34 dealers signed up for ‘Process,’” Glikes continued. “If [dealers] come out of here and improve their efficiency by 10 or 15 percent, what does that mean in dollars to their business? A lot of our programs are based on growth. So the rebates and discounts they achieve by being in the group are based on their growth. We’re going to try to ensure that without a doubt that they are more profitable and that they grow.”

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