Monitor Audio's 6th Generation Silver Shines

Successful Speaker Line Updated With New, Shared Technology
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U.S. and Canadian distributor Kevro International recently introduced Monitor Audio’s sixth-generation Silver line of speakers, featuring trickledown technology from the brand’s new Platinum II series, as well as a completely new version of its Gold Dome tweeter, all while still remaining at an affordable price. This generation of Silver also introduces two new center-channel speakers, offering even more system options for various applications.

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The Monitor Audio 6th Generation Silver speaker family in Walnut finish, grilles removed.

The nine-model range has been created with contemporary living in mind. Two compact stand-mount options and a choice of three slimline floorstanders take up the minimum of space yet produce a big sound, according to the company, while the Silver FX wall-mount and two center-channel speakers are intended for discreet AV installations. The Silver Series is completed with a powered subwoofer, featuring on-board DSP for bass down to 22 Hz. Magnetic grille fixings on all models are meant to ensure an elegant baffle aided by rear mounting of the proprietary HiVe II ports.

“We’ve created a new visual character in the Silver Series,” explained Monitor Audio’s technical director, Dean Hartley. “Adopting a ‘less is more’ approach, we have evaluated every component and redesigned from the ground up.” Part of the work involved use of precision laser scanning equipment (accurate to thousandths of a millimeter) at the world-renowned National Physical Laboratory to ensure optimum cabinet bracing in the quest for the most natural sound.”

Monitor Audio takes pride in their metal cone speaker technology, using its four decades of expertise in the field to create new versions of its C-CAM dished cone specifically for this Silver Series. Made from a single piece of the unique ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium alloy, formed into a continuous dish profile, its rigidity is meant to bring sonic benefits over conventional softer cone materials that flex, producing audible distortion. Without the need for a center hole, commonly used to house a protruding voice coil, the company’s exclusive C-CAM drive units are able to deliver pure, undistorted sound across the music range. “The result,” Dean added, “is significantly reduced distortion and a cleaner, more faithful reproduction of the music, whatever your choice of listening.”

Technical enhancements to the speaker’s “engine” also include beefed up driver magnets and improved voice coils, resulting in a cleaner sound even when listening at high levels. Monitor Audio now claims the purest mid-range quality in its class along with precise and consistent imaging, both on and off-axis, thanks to a newly created teardrop shaped midrange/tweeter module on the Silver 300 and Silver 500 floorstanders. High-quality components are used in all critical crossover networks, including premium-grade polypropylene film capacitors, and air core and laminated steel core inductors.