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American Lighting Association Certifies Dozens of HTSA Members as Lighting Specialists

HTSA continue to drive membership into local providers of lighting design, fixtures, and services.

Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) has announced that the American Lighting Association (ALA) has certified dozens of HTSA members as Lighting Specialists, a certification that was based on their participation in a specialized lighting curriculum offered by the lighting trade group. To achieve certification, participants must take part in ALA-sanctioned classes utilizing an approved curriculum — and complete a comprehensive final examination, earning a passing score.

Two separate groups of HTSA members have gone through the extensive ALA training program. The first group of HTSA members participated in an ALA class with a mixture of attendees, such as employees from various lighting showrooms, and employees from lighting manufacturer representative firms. The second organized class was made up of HTSA members exclusively. All of the HTSA members participating in both classes passed their final exam, exceeding the requirement for certification. Remarkably, fully a third of all of the participating HTSA members earned a perfect score of 100 percent on their final examination.

“I am extremely proud of the way that HTSA members have rallied their teams around lighting education – acquiring the ALA training materials, participating in sanctioned classes, and studying for untold hours to build their knowledge and skills in lighting design, fixtures, and services,” says Jon Robbins, executive director of Home Technology Specialists of America. “HTSA continues to build its share of the high-performance lighting market. We anticipate an exponential leap in revenues as we continue the membership’s transformation into becoming the leading providers of lighting and AV home automation solutions in their local markets.”

ALA offers an extensive range of educational courses, materials, and training for its members, including everything from online webinars, to printed and online materials, to live in-person classes. The organization also offers three levels of professional certifications, including: Lighting Associate (an entry-level certification), Lighting Specialist, and Certified Lighting Consultant.

To achieve Lighting Specialist certification, HTSA members had to join the ALA, purchase and study a 900-page residential lighting training manual, participate in a multi-day, in-person training session, and finally take the comprehensive final exam.

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