AVAD Launches New Website Enhancements

Upgraded Search Functionality, Detailed Order History Available Through AVAD’s Dealer Portal
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AVAD recently launched a new website, featuring added enhancements, as well as AVAD’s newly launched logo. The new website, a direct result of feedback from AVAD dealers, launched April 24, 2017, and will include phased enhancements throughout 2017.

To ensure dealers have access to the tools they need to better serve their customers, AVAD invested heavily to create an enhanced website with added features. The new AVAD site includes upgraded searching functionality, access to detailed order history, promotional pricing, and custom product recommendations.

In addition, dealers can access an extensive order history, displaying 24 months of web, branch, and phone orders, as well as shipment tracking or scheduling a pickup at an AVAD Depot location. AVAD’s improved site is the beginning of many planned digital enhancements as the company continues to invest in tools for residential and commercial custom installation integrators. 

“We are happy to announce our new website, which is an exciting project we have been working on for quite some time,” said Seth Evenson, director of customer experience management for AVAD. “We took feedback from our dealers and were able to develop a robust, feature-rich site that provides tools and features to not only make doing business with AVAD easier, but that can also save time for the dealer. Our customer response has been overwhelmingly positive since launch, as we have surveyed feedback from our users. The new site is just the beginning of many exciting things to come at AVAD.”