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ESPA Launches New Website

The organization says the site is a valuable resource for players in the electronic systems industry.

Cedar Rapids, IA–The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA) has launched its new website at According to managing director Deb Rolfes, the site is a valuable resource for companies, associations and consultants, as well as a powerful tool for reaching potential certification candidates with messages about joining the electronic systems industry.

The response to ESPAs mission of building a unified industry with a qualified workforce has been overwhelming, Rolfes said. Our new website offers information and opportunities for even more industry organizations to join the ESPA founders and affiliates, and to support the movement for a universal gateway to a career in electronic systems.

Since its launch in November 2006, ESPA has secured support in the form of signed affiliate agreements from nine major industry organizations, which includes the three founding partners. Rolfes said there has never before been this strong of a coalition working toward a singular entry-level education and certification program. She said the website is a good way for industry leaders to learn more about how they can get involved with ESPA.

ESPA says it is working hard to create universal education and certification products with the help of some of the most skilled and experienced partners in the business. ESPA products will launch this fall.

As a recruiting tool, the website offers information on where and how the certification process begins, as well as a glimpse into advanced career possibilities with ESPA licensees and affiliates. The goal is for the website to be a clearinghouse for people who are thinking about a new career or a first career to gain some insight into the electronic systems industry.

ESPAs new website will continue to evolve throughout its development cycle. To remain fresh and up-to-date ESPA invites companies, associations and consultants to submit information and photos relevant to electronic systems, such as job site progress and before and after pictures. Anyone wishing to submit items for the site should contact Jennifer Barten at [email protected] or 319.861.8621.