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HTSA Adds Six Vendor Partners, Three New Members

The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) has forged six new vendor partnerships and and welcomed three more dealer members.

The Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) has forged new partnerships with six vendors and three dealers in the lead-up to its spring conference and 20th anniversary celebration, as part of the group’s continued expansion of higher-performance solutions. The new vendor partnerships are: Savant, D-Tools, Atlona, Deezer, Master & Dynamic, and Sennheiser. The three new dealers members are: In-Focus Systems (St. Louis Park, MN), Paragon Systems Integration (Aspen, CO), and HD Media Systems (Cape Girardeau and St. Louis, MO).

The announcement comes as a prelude to the group’s Spring Conference 2016 and 20th Anniversary Celebration taking place in Puerto Rico next month.

In-Focus Systems was launched in 2001 by Dennis Galligan, Jake Smith, and Todd Tvetene, along with an experienced team of technicians, programmers, and engineers who design solutions for both residential and commercial applications.

Paragon Systems Integration is an integration company with a long history in Aspen, CO. Once part of integration industry powerhouse VIA International, Paragon has independently re-launched with a full complement of skilled and knowledgeable technology experts. Paragon offers a wide range of upgraded solutions custom created for their largely residential clientele.

HD Media Systems was founded in Cape Girardeau, MO in 2006 by Scott Starzinger and Drew Balsman. The pair draws upon their diverse experiences in IT and home entertainment to design custom residential solutions. The company has now grown to 24 employees and offers solutions for the residential, commercial, schools, hospitals, banks and church markets.

One of the industry’s oldest national retail buying groups, HTSA has striven to distinguish itself by offering a consistent member profile of highly skilled, expert technology system dealers and integrators. HTSA members are often leaders in their markets and have demonstrated expertise in adapting to the ever-changing technology landscape.

“We are thrilled to welcome these new members into HTSA – each of whom represent the best and the brightest home technology specialists in their respective markets,” said Jon Robbins, executive director of Home Technology Specialists of America. “HTSA members are those dealers and integrators who embrace the wonder of expertly designed and installed high-performance home entertainment and home automation systems – and the enhanced lifestyle such systems bring to their clients. That is certainly the case with each of these market-leading members who will enrich our organization, as well as be enriched by their association with their HTSA colleagues. “

The HTSA’s new vendor partnerships enhance the benefits of membership by offering a range of new opportunities, including: system design software, home automation products, distribution hardware, music streaming service, high-quality consumer and commercial grade headphone products.

With a keen understanding of their client’s needs and desires, HTSA dealers seek to design, sell, and install the finest custom-created solutions available. As such, the group has sought to forge relationships with a carefully selected group of brands that offer the latest upgraded technology solutions.

“These new vendor partnerships expand the range of options that our members can use to create the perfect solution that will easily exceed their clients’ wildest imagination,” said Jon Robbins, executive director of HTSA. “Whether it is a leading control and automation solution such as Savant…or cutting edge AV signal distribution and management from Atlona…or an upgraded audio listening experience from Master and Dynamic…HTSA members will have a world-class toolbox of premium-quality tools to help upgrade their clients up to higher performance solutions.”