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Paul Starkey Issues 2022 Challenge to CI Businesses

Looks to reach 1000 business owners and help them significantly impact their bottom lines.

Paul Starkey – 2022 Challenge

Paul Starkey has a simple mission in 2022: to reach 1000 CI business owners and share the exemplar CI business model. Asserting that most do not understand their business model and admitting he didn’t understand five of the businesses he worked at in the past 40 years, Starkey feels compelled to give back and help integrators fully get the model.

Over the past eight years, and building on his partner Steve Firszt’s efforts, Starkey has identified 15 key areas that reshape the outcome for most CI operators. Distilling it down to simplified profit math, he claims most companies can see a 6- to 7-digit impact on their bottom line. The model encompasses disciplines from the early bidding process all the way to retirement income for owners.

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He guarantees at least one $10,000 “AHHA” moment during his 20-minute one-on-one conversation with CI owners interested in taking the 2022 Challenge.

“I love this business, this industry, and the good people in it. And I want to help them accelerate their learning and drive better results,” says Starkey.

Interested owners can contact Starkey at 859-492-9801 or at [email protected] to schedule a free 20-minute one-on-one meeting.