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PowerHouse Alliance and Azione Unlimited Announce Partnership

Azione Unlimited dealer members gain access to the inventory of product the PowerHouse Alliance carries.

The PowerHouse Alliance has announced a new partnership with Azione Unlimited. According to the companies, this partnership creates unparalleled opportunities for connection and business growth between Azione dealer members and the PowerHouse Alliance distributor members.

Azione - PowerHouseAs part of this agreement, Azione Unlimited dealer members are able to continue to support the lines carried by the group while also gaining frictionless access to the vast inventory of product the PowerHouse Alliance members carry. With over 55 PowerHouse Alliance member locations nationwide, Azione members will benefit from being able to source products quickly, focus their offerings, and generate profit.

“The PowerHouse Alliance was a ‘lightbulb moment’ for me that started after a dealer member told me they wanted to work with their local distributor, but also wanted to support the group,” says Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “That precipitated a conversation between myself and Dennis, and we found a multitude of commonality that will generate more profitable business for all parties. We’re in an everchanging, evolving, dynamic industry that requires fresh thinking and actions to maximize the business acumen of our astute members. This partnership is a natural evolution.”

Dennis Holzer, executive director of the PowerHouse Alliance adds, “We are very excited about the symbiotic relationship we are cultivating with Azione Unlimited. From stocking essential product to locally based training, our distributor members are committed to being a resource and facilitating success for their dealers in the same way Azione is committed to providing their members with the opportunities they need for growth.”

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