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‘The Cinema Connoisseur’ Releases Third Issue

Dedicated to furthering the awareness and advancing the experience of the private cinema by sharing personal stories, informative articles, news and inspirations.

Cinema Connoisseur Third Issue Full

Volume 1, Issue #3 of The Cinema Connoisseur is now available as a digital edition. The Cinema Connoisseur is a digital publication created by Paradise Theater’s founder, Sam Cavitt, to grow awareness and advance the experience of luxury private cinema. This free publication will be published six times annually and focuses entirely on luxury private cinema.

From Sam Cavitt:

The Cinema Connoisseur celebrates a coming-of-age for the luxury private cinema. With remarkable synchronicity, our audience and our profession have arrived at an auspicious moment. It seems many have now truly discovered private cinema and have embarked on a quest for their own! Read The Buffalo Run Cinema Story to learn how one couple found a treasure! At the same time, private cinema has matured. Professionals from all sides have resolved to establish and abide by objective standards to assure our audience a reliable expectation of excellence and a way to tell the difference! Read Paradigms of Passion, Performance and Standards of Excellence to learn what is being done and how this means you can confidently embark on your own private cinema journey!

Rounded out with articles on how your private cinema is good medicine and how movies may move you (with or without your consent!) The Cinema Connoisseur provides much to mull over. If that’s too much, take a break from serious cinematic thinking and join our Cinema Sommelier for a sonic and scenic tour of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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