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Azione Adds Health and Wellness Tech Firm SmartCare and LumaStream

Strategic Vendor Partnership Provides Members Opportunity to Offer ‘Future of Senior Living’ and Low-Voltage Lighting Fixtures

Introducing a strategic new market for its members, Azione Unlimited (AU) is partnering with SmartCare, a St. Charles, MO-based health and wellness analytics technology firm which joins the buying group’s list of vendor members. Poised to transform how 60 million older adults age in place or in senior care communities, SmartCare offers an opportunity for residential and commercial audiovisual integrators.

[Smart Care to Revolutionize the Role of Care Givers]

The buying group also added LumaStream, makers of premium low-voltage LED lighting systems, to the group

SmartCare uses a cloud-based technology platform that utilizes sensor fusion to aggregate data, discretely collected through wireless sensors that track movement, room temperature, sleep habits, and incontinence. SmartCare’s data conveys a person’s current abilities to perform daily activities as well as receive special alerts, providing older adults the ability to live safer, more independent lives while giving caregivers important insight into a senior’s overall well-being.

SmartCare works in any private home or senior care community. Azione dealers can also use SmartCare’s unique qualities as an upsell for existing “aging in place” clients who have already taken steps toward the adoption of technology by using conventional smart home systems.

SmartCare can also open profit opportunities with light commercial installations in senior care communities. This is all about helping to improve the quality of life for older adults and their caregivers.

As part of the SmartCare package, integrators will combine a number of smart devices, including motion sensors, outlet covering guide lights, a bed pressure pad, and incontinence pads along with a monitoring base and wireless gateway. The base packages are expandable, too. Productive and meaningful features like showering behavior monitoring and room temperature tracking are available, to name a few. These valuable add-ons will continue to grow.

SmartCare’s technology was first presented to Azione members at the 2017 Fall Conference, provoking great interest.

“SmartCare is the future of senior living. And, that future is now. We transform aging by capturing wellness trends—knowledge that connects families and caregivers to make a better and safer life possible,” said SmartCare president Scott Mosher. “Azione is a forward-thinking organization and its membership is ready to embrace our offerings as yet another facet of smart home technology.”

“This is technology at its finest, smart devices being used to provide peace-of-mind for caregivers and help older adults live independently longer,” said Richard Glikes, president of Azione Unlimited. “We are honored to bring SmartCare onboard and provide our dealers access to this life-changing, life-saving, easy-to-install technology for new and existing customers.” 

LumaStream has been deployed by top brands such as a US-based luxury electric car manufacturer, multiple nationwide restaurant chains, and many houses of worship and residential installations.

“AV integrators are experiencing the evolution of high-efficiency LED lighting as well as increased demand from homeowners that points to an important opportunity—and LumaStream is a perfect partner for Azione members to leap ahead in this category,” Glikes stated.

LumaStream’s complete solution approach to low-voltage lighting systems creates an opportunity for integrators to specify and install the entire system. Now integrators have full control over an end-to-end, architectural LED lighting solution that is modern and energy-efficient without the need to be dependent on a licensed electrician. Additionally, LumaStream supports their integration partners with comprehensive lighting design services, as well as technical and sales support teams, giving them access to high-level expertise and a pathway to success in the lighting category. For integrators, this can be a particularly attractive proposition, giving them control over lighting fixture placement along with a complete array of smart home and entertainment accessories.