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Focal NA Introduces 6-Inch, 8-Inch Outdoor Speaker Lineup

Focal, a French speaker manufacturer, has released its new line of outdoor speakers for purchase in the U.S. for the first time.

The Custom OD 190 from Focal

Focal, a French speaker manufacturer, has released its new line of outdoor speakers for purchase in the U.S. for the first time. The Custom OD 108 and OD 108-T and Chorus OD 706-V and OD 706-VT are designed to create an aural experience in open air outdoor environments.

Both the OD 108 and OD 706-V offer an 8 Ohm impedance speaker for traditional connection to an AV receiver or amplifier, while both models are also available in 70V / 100V version for long range and mid-range configurations.

“While small, portable Bluetooth speakers have certainly made it easier to play music outdoors, they will never be able to offer the same sonic experience as having a single pair or multiple pairs of outdoor speakers placed around the backyard or outdoor installation,” said Ben Jensen, president of Focal North America. “The OD 108 and OD 706-V offer an incredible soundstage, high-performance crystal-clear audio covering a large frequency range as well as other convenient features for mounting versatility and additional customization such as a paintable outer cabinet. With two sizes and two configurations for each model, these are just as perfect for a customer’s home as they are for a multi-speaker installation at a theme park.”

All four models in the OD line-up are designed to add music to an outdoor space, use for a public address system or even to provide a better audio experience from an outdoor TV. Due to their weatherproofing and rugged build quality, they can be left outside in all environments without fear for breaking down, even in harsh moist environments.

The OD 108 and OD 108-T (70/100 V version) outdoor loudspeakers are equipped with an 8-inch (21cm) glass fiber cone and a 1-inch aluminum inverted dome tweeter to deliver a good sound with solid bass, thanks to their high-efficiency and high power-handling rating, as well as a two-way bass reflex enclosure with a bass port. Suitable in both an outdoor space larger than 30m as well as in close range installations, the OD 108 is a versatile loudspeaker.

The Chorus OD 706-V and OD 706-VT utilize a smaller 6.5-inch woofer, but feature an even higher performance inverted dome tweeter made of magnesium, for an even larger frequency range extending out to 28kHz when needed. Additionally, the two-way closed design enclosure offers efficient power handling.

For installers looking for a flexible model, the 70/100 volt versions in both the OD 108 and OD 706-V feature a designator switch for toggling between 8Ohm / 70V / 100 V power handling, allowing them to be used as a traditional speaker or run in series to allow multiple speakers to be daisy-chained together from a single power source. 

Some other features include flexible mounting options, and an anti-vibration foam rubber cushion on the base of the removable mounting plate to ensure a secure fit and prevent unwanted buzzing against the mounted surface when used at higher volumes or bass-heavy tracks.

All four models are constructed with a high damping box made of UV treated, ABS plastic and can be painted to match an installation, including the punched aluminum grill. The new Custom and Chorus Outdoor Series are slated to be available from retail and online partners in May 2016.