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Tributaries Introduces Series 8 MK II Cables

Includes several connector upgrades to the original design.

Tributaries has announced the availability of Series 8 MKII audio cables, featuring upgraded components.

Tributaries Series 8 MK II Cable

The new Tributaries Series 8 MK II includes:

  • 8AB: Series 8 Balanced Audio Pairs (SRP: $728/2 m)
  • 8A: Series 8 Single-Ended RCA Audio Pairs (SRP: $604/2m)
  • 8AD: Series 8 Digital Audio Cable (SRP: $230/2m)
  • 8BW: Series 8 Bi-Wire Cable Pair (SRP: $1150/6 feet)
  • 8SP: Series Speaker Cable Pair (SRP: $930/6 feet)
  • 8S: Series 8 Subwoofer Cable (SRP: $304/2m)
  • 8P: Series 8 Power Cable — available with C7 and C15 configurations (SRP: $527/6 feet)
  • 8PC: Series 8 Phono Cable (SRP: $716.00/2m)

The Series 8 MK II series includes several connector upgrades to the original design. Gold-plated TE copper was chosen for the Series 8 RCA, XLR, banana plugs, and spade lugs because TE copper is highly conductive and the gold plating protects contacts from oxidation and corrosion when exposed to the elements.

Spade lugs and locking banana plugs are now silver-soldered for demonstrably improved signal transfer compared to the previous version’s screw terminal. The use of silver solder and a solder pot ensures that every conductor in the multi-gauge cable design is carrying its weight in signal transfer.

Rounding out the new selection are upgraded power connectors for Type B, C7, and C15 power cables. The new Series 8 selection of power cables features a multi-gauge design that effectively insulates conductors. The large conductors are insulated with polyethylene while the smaller cables are coated with enamel to aid flexibility.

Conductors are electrically joined into one by way of a solder pot and silver soldered into new gold-plated pure copper termination pins that mate with Series 8 power connectors for excellent signal transfer. Finally, the molded PVC housing is upgraded to a lightweight and more durable nylon housing.

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