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Lighting Showcase

In the smart home, lighting systems involve more than just fixtures.

Like everything else in the smart home, lighting is constantly evolving. Providing lighting services means much more than offering a few lighting fixtures. Here, we look at some recent additions to the world of residential smart lighting.

Control4 KNX Line
Control4 is all over the news these days, but during February’s ISE the company was getting attention on the lighting side for supplementing its Control4 KNX line by adding native import capabilities for various popular keypads, including Basalte, CJC Systems, Ekinex, Gira, Jung, Tense, and Vitrium. This integration enabled home automation integrators to quickly add KNX keypads and create customized programming for a Control4 Smart Home.

KNX is a popular standard for lighting and HVAC control in global markets, including Australia, China, Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. With more than 100 Control4 KNX products launched in the fall of 2018, and more than 200 KNX ecosystem products that can be supported natively by Control4, including new keypads, lighting, HVAC, blinds and rollers, and bus management products, Control4 delivers a fully-integrated experience.

The Control4 KNX Network driver, supported in the latest Control4 OS, natively connects to KNX devices within the home without requiring a third-party gateway device. This support for KNX enables interoperability with the entire Control4 ecosystem, including support for Amazon Alexa voice control, where available, and nearly 13,000 other connected products.


Crestron Cameo In-Wall Dimmers
The Crestron CLW-DIMEX-P is a Cameo in-wall dimmer that features field-replaceable, engravable buttons. Along with the entire line of Cameo products, it can be configured with various button layouts and designer colors.

Like their cousin Cameo keypads, the buttons on the CLW-DIMEX-P can be swapped in the field, making it easy to change engraving or color after installation. The new rocker controller brings a familiar user interface to the Crestron in-wall dimmer, while the versatility of up to four buttons takes advantage of prime single-gang wall box real estate; use buttons to control in-room audio or lamps in addition to any other light connected to the system. The comprehensive list of designer colors blends the CLW-DIMEX-P into virtually any décor and style.

Because the CLW-DIMEX-P is attached to the Crestron network, it can also function as a keypad, sending commands to trigger whole-room lighting scenes or distributed audio functions.

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Leviton Connected Load Center
The Leviton Load Center is an internet-connected system that sends users real-time monitoring data and customizable alerts to their smart devices. The Leviton Load Center’s circuit breakers install the same as the standard version and communicate with a WiFi- or Ethernet-enabled data hub located at the panel. The hub securely transmits circuit breaker data to the homeowners’ router and the Leviton cloud. The internet connectivity set up is simple, automatically discovering and sensing each of the smart, connected circuit breakers through the My Leviton App.

Using the company’s My Leviton App, users can monitor electricity usage per branch circuit or appliance; view usage trends and estimate their electricity bill; set up alerts to be notified when a circuit breaker has tripped and why, or if an appliance has been on or off for a user-defined amount of time; be assured the load center’s smart circuit breakers are receiving the latest firmware updates; and remotely turn off a branch circuit breaker to shed loads.

All this data will be shared in real time to the homeowner’s smart device, giving them even more control over their energy consumption, alerting them of trips and easing the diagnostic process for contractors.

Lutron Maestro C•L PRO Dimmer
Lutron Electronics is helping contractors save time with a flexible new dimmer that works with most lighting loads. The new Maestro C·L PRO dimmer offers the dimming performance of LEDs, low-voltage, incandescent, and halogen lighting, reducing the likelihood that you’ll arrive to the jobsite with a dimmer that’s unsuitable for the project. An optional neutral connection makes the Maestro C·L PRO dimmer an ideal solution for most jobs.

The Maestro C·L PRO dimmer was designed with an optional neutral wire connection, which is key, since many older homes are not equipped with neutral wiring. When a neutral wire isn’t available, the Maestro C·L Pro dimmer will deliver Lutron-quality dimming of LED, incandescent, and halogen sources. A neutral connection will offer improved dimmer performance by enabling Lutron’s real-time illumination stability system (RTISS) technology to further improve light stability (flicker), buzzing, and dimming range.

The Maestro C·L Pro dimmer also features field-changeable front plastics, allowing installed faceplates to be quickly and easily swapped for the desired color — without any rewiring.


Loxone LED light fixtures
Loxone’s smart LED Spots, Ceiling Lights, and Pendulum Slims are now available to the U.S. market. The lighting trio works together, along with other Loxone smart home products, to transform any room with customizable lighting moods, tunable white lighting effect, true automation, and minimal user interaction. Each fixture helps reduce energy costs and lasts up to 25 years.

The newest addition to the trio, the LED Spots RGBW Tree, provide directional, warm white light, and diffused colored light. At 1.6 inches deep with a built-in dimmer, IC rating, and Loxone’s 4-wire Tree technology, wiring and installation is frictionless — integrators don’t need housing or additional drivers.

Also recently released, the LED Ceiling Light fills the room with optimal lighting and has all-around functionality, featuring both built-in motion and brightness sensors. Beyond lighting, it plays a role in home security as a burglar alarm. The LED Pendulum Slims are best used for accent lighting.

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Noon Home Room Director
The Noon Home Room Director, what the company calls “the smartest switch in the room,” coordinates other Noon switches in the room to create lighting scenes. It installs in any Noon Base (Dimmer Base included), and can control up to 10 Noon Extension Switches. The Room Director features a glass touch screen with OLED display and a motion sensor to activate Night Light.


Savant Lighting and Energy Control Modules
Designed in partnership with sister-company Racepoint Energy, Savant has introduced lighting and energy control modules that have been engineered to deliver control and energy management of lighting as well as other electrical loads such as household appliances throughout the home all from a compact form factor.

Because modules can be used for many individual electrical load applications throughout the home and are fully compatible with the Savant control ecosystem, technology integrators have an opportunity to deliver better smart home functionality and critical energy usage data across all electrical load types, as well as the foundation for a net-zero compliant home design.

Vantage Human Centric Lighting (HCL) Solutions
Vantage’s full line of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) products leverages precise dimming and lighting controls and pairs it with tunable light LED driver technology from Lumenetix. The result are tunable lighting systems that, once implemented, deliver quality light, replicating the visual comfort of natural daylight, emulating circadian rhythms. The Vantage family of HCL products provides options for dim to dark, tunable white, and tunable color logic modules that integrate into a broad range of lighting fixtures. The proprietary Lumenetix algorithm mixes multicolored LEDs to deliver a wide range of color temperatures at 90+ Color Rendering Index (CRI).

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