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XGIMI Unveils 2021 HORIZON Series Projectors

The XGIMI HORIZON and HORIZON PRO are available for pre-order In May.

The XGIMI HORIZON Pro has True 4K technology and 2200 ANSI lumens. XGIMI’s patented X-VUE image technology enhances the image quality by adopting 120 Hz motion compensation technology that works with XGIMI’s MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) to solve any potential image flutter or tailing problems that might occur when projecting high dynamic images. Through a specific algorithm, this increases the clarity and fidelity of dynamic pictures on the XGIMI HORIZON series, according to the company.


Through its partnership with Harman Kardon, XGIMI’s HORIZON series projectors feature built-in 16-watt combined full-range bass performance Bluetooth transducer speakers.

XGIMI’s Automatic Keystone Correction and integrated AI-powered image-sensing algorithm intelligently identify and avoid obstacles in the projection area. Trained through thousands of scenes and hundreds of screen settings, the XGIMI HORIZON series can automatically identify the screen area and adjust the image accordingly. This enables it to fill the projection space even if it’s turned on its side. The Auto Focus function adjusts the image focus even when the projector is moved, keeping the projection image clear and sharp at all times.

Powered by Android TV and incorporating 5000+ native Android apps, the interface’s layout is highly intuitive. The added benefit of TÜV’s Eye Comfort Certification means the XGIMI HORIZON series offers eye protection capability, including eliminating reflections and ensuring displays are flicker free.

XGIMI claims its LED lifespan stays perfectly crisp, bright and clear for 30,000 hours.

XGIMI HORIZON Projector - Lifestyle

Study aluminum construction offers a valuable combination of lighter weight but with the strength and corrosion-resistant flexibility to last longer. The 1080p HORIZON comes in a cool space-age grey, while the 4K HORIZON Pro is a simple matte black.

The XGIMI HORIZON will retail for $1099 and the XGIMI HORIZON PRO for $1699 via XGIMI and major retailers including Amazon. Ahead of the official launch in June, both models are available for pre-order in early May on XGIMI website.

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