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State Elections and What They Mean for 2023

Legislative sessions for the new year are starting soon — will you step up for your industry?

With the completion of the state elections, the stage is set for the 2023 legislative sessions. Several factors indicate 2023 will be active with legislative sessions for CEDIA and the smart home technology industry. Many states will be adopting the 2023 edition of the National Electrical Code, which will lead to legislation related to licensing and scope of work for different licenses.

According to MultiState, CEDIA’s government relations tracking firm, there are several election takeaways that will impact the 2023 legislative sessions.

Legislative Sessions - Indiana State Senate
Photographer: Cheney Orr/Bloomberg via Getty Images


On November 8, 36 state governor seats were up for election. Democrats flipped gubernatorial seats in Maryland, Massachusetts, and Arizona. Republicans defeated the Democratic incumbent in Nevada. Out of 28 incumbents running for reelection this cycle, Nevada Governor Sisolak (D) was the only one to lose reelection.

Voters have elected the greatest number of women governors in American history. The expected total of 12 women governors exceeds the current high mark of nine.

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Legislative seats in 46 states were up for election in 2022, amounting to 6166 of the 7383 lawmakers. That’s 84 percent of all state lawmakers. Of the 99 state legislative chambers, 88 held elections in 2022.

Currently, Democrats have flipped both chambers of the Michigan Legislature and the Minnesota Senate, providing them with two new trifectas.


A state government trifecta occurs when a political party controls both chambers of the legislature, as well as the governor. Currently, Republicans have 23 state trifectas, Democrats have 14 state trifectas, and 13 states have a divided government.

  • Trifecta Gains: Democrats gained trifectas in Massachusetts and Maryland after gubernatorial victories and scored another two trifectas by flipping the Michigan Legislature and Minnesota Senate.
  • Trifecta Losses: Democrats lost a trifecta in Nevada with the gubernatorial loss. Republicans lost their trifecta in Arizona by losing the governor’s race.
  • Record Trifectas: There should be a record number of trifectas in 2023, most likely 39 total. This is the highest number of one-party controlled states since at least 1992.

Get Engaged for Your Industry

CEDIA advocates for its members and the smart home technology industry each day. The stage is set for active 2023 legislative sessions, and it’s important for members to stay engaged on issues related to their business and industry. Members can and should advocate on technology issues throughout the legislative process, whether it’s at the local, state, or federal level.

As an expert in your field, you’re the perfect person to help your state and local leaders understand the technology issues impacting our industry. When a CEDIA Call to Action goes out, take the time to contact your legislative leaders, attend a meeting with legislative leaders and staff, or testify at a committee hearing. These are all important steps in the legislative process and your participation makes a big difference. The stakes are high, as the legislative process often determines who can do future projects.

As we move closer to the start of the 2023 legislative sessions, will you step up for your industry?