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Marketing Muscle

The word "marketing" and how it applies to an organization means many different things to many different people. Often, managers at small to mid-sized...


TAG to Distribute Audioplex

The Advantage Group (TAG) has been selected by Audioplex Technology to nationally distribute their line of products. By virtue of this association, the alliance...


Culture Shock

When the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was officially launched on January 1, 1994, the governments of the three countries involved--Canada, Mexico and...


EDGE Sets Goals for Market

In a meeting held recently in Dallas, members of the EDGE Distributors Group assembled for a three-day session to solidify marketing plans for the...


Panja Streamlines Personnel

In an effort to streamline its operations, Panja Inc. has reduced its workforce by approximately 10 percent, resulting in the elimination of 47 jobs...


School Teaches Systems Integ.

Arlington, VA -- Montgomery College's Gudelsky Institute for Technical Education in Rockville, Maryland, will be the first school in the D.C. area to offer...

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