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The Next Chapter Begins

Virtually everyone that I have spoken to since CEDIA EXPO in Denver last month saw this years show as an important milestone for our...


Questions and Answers

Often getting the answers you really need is a function of knowing enough to ask the right questions. The book for our industry is...


Making More Money

Making better use of the scarce resources already available, dealers can easily double or even triple profits.


Going Global

Leading US Manufacturers are Turning Their Attention to the Booming Custom Market in Europe


Hire Grounds

What Experts Say to Do to Overcome One of the Biggest Challenges That Most Dealers Face


Ending An Era

In the hustle and bustle associated with launching a business, the last thing on the minds of many entrepreneurs is their exit from the...


Getting the Goods

While technology companies in every segment must concern themselves with specifications, capabilities, new features, and upgrades, for custom installers thats just half the battle.


The Change Conundrum

There isn't an industry on the planet experiencing more rapid and more persistent change than the custom installation business.


How to Maximize Profits

Residential systems contracting firms are positioned to make a good deal of money. They must, however, learn to operate their businesses with better management...


Reasons for Repeatability

The custom residential electronics industry is unique, yet it has one thing in common with any other industry. Namely, every business on the planet...


Well Grounded

Cabling Technologies, a system integration company, has formed a symbiotic relationship with Advanced Electronic Systems LLC, a security firm.


New Tools of the Trade

Jonathan Knapp hopes that his new management software will provide dealers with benchmarks for their staff members, helping them become more efficient on the...


The Systems Approach

Jamo's home theater solution, dubbed the 2F Concept for its intersection of form and function, marks an evolution from products to whole systems.


Sonance Founders Reclaim Leadership

Sonance co-founders Geoff Spencer and Scott Struthers are returning to their management positions and reclaiming the customer relationships that were their hallmark years ago.

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