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Smarter Storage

Network routers and storage devices may not be the most glamorous products in the consumer electronics industry, but they play an essential role in the digital home.

NETGEAR’s Media Storage Router Adds Apps, Space, and Cloud Features

NETGEAR’s Media Storage Router WNDR4700

Network routers and storage devices may not be the most glamorous products in the consumer electronics industry, but they play an essential role in the digital home. At last month’s International CES, NETGEAR introduced a flurry of these types of products, including a Media Storage Router (WNDR4700) that combines the premium features and speed of the company’s N900 router with backup, storage, streaming, and wireless networking.

In a first for the consumer networking industry, the Media Storage Router also offers the ability to run downloadable applications from the NETGEAR Smart Network App Store. This enables the manufacturer to offer a broader portfolio of home networking services and features for consumers down the road.

The Storage Router comes with an integrated 2-TB hard drive that is consumer-upgradable at any time. It also provides two high-speed USB 3.0 ports for adding more storage capacity or for converting existing external USB hard drives into networked drives.

For consumers that have mixed environments at home using both Apple computers and Windows PCs, the Storage Router supports Apple Time Machine backup software and Apple Bonjour automated networking technology, along with READYSHARE Vault. Bonjour enables Macs, PCs, and other Bonjour-compatible devices to automatically discover each other on a home network and share USB printers, storage devices, and other resources. For Windows PC users, the Storage Router integrates easy-touse, continuous backup software with the READYSHARE Vault, for more backup capabilities. In the event of loss or failure of the storage disk or memory on a PC or Mac, this automatic backup functionality helps preserve both Apple iTunes music and video collections and family photos and movies. The product can also be used as a simple file storage system.

To remotely access files stored on the hard drive, the NETGEAR Media Storage Router also includes NETGEAR’s READYSHARE Cloud solution, which enables remote access from connected devices. With this feature, consumers can securely access data stored on the Media Storage Router’s internal hard drive or connected USB drive from their computers, tablets, or smartphones.

NETGEAR also offers a media app for iOS and Android devices that enables consumers to use their smartphones or tablets to manage and stream media files stored on the router to any DLNAenabled device, such as TVs, disc players, media players, tablets, computers, printers, cameras, and smartphones. DLNA-certified devices can automatically find and play any digital media stored on any other certified device on a home network.

The NETGEAR Media Storage Router, which will be available this summer, delivers up to 900 Mbps of combined Wi-Fi speed and greater Wi-Fi range across both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels for maximum performance.

Tired of Wi-Fi Deadspots?

One of NETGEAR’s other CES introductions was the Universal Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender (WN2500RP), which was designed specifically to extend the wireless range and optimize performance of any existing home network.

The WN2500RP offers simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi which runs both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands concurrently, doubling Wi-Fi bandwidth and reducing Wi-Fi interference. With NETGEAR’s FastLane Technology for range extenders, consumers can opt to use a performance optimized operating mode that is ideal for HD video streaming and online gaming. In addition, the Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender supports up to four wired to Wi-Fi connections, turning any Ethernet-enabled entertainment or computing device into a Wi-Fi-enabled device quickly and easily.

The NETGEAR Universal Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender is available now in the United States starting at $89.99. Install and set up can be accomplished with no need for a CD or Ethernet cable.