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DirecTV to Provide Broadband

Hughes Electronics recently announced that its operating businesses, DirecTV Inc. and Hughes Network Systems, will launch a new high-speed satellite Internet service "Powered by...


PS2 Game Released in 5.1

San Francisco, CA--According to Dolby Laboratories, the first PlayStation 2 game to be released with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is "The Bouncer," developed by...


School Teaches Systems Integ.

Arlington, VA -- Montgomery College's Gudelsky Institute for Technical Education in Rockville, Maryland, will be the first school in the D.C. area to offer...


CES Highlights Home Networking

To highlight the convergence of technology in the home, the 2001 International CES will showcase smart appliances and the consumer benefits of interconnectivity through...


DirecTV Retains NCAA Deal

New york, NY--CBS Sports and DirecTV Inc. have agreed to a one-year extension of the agreement allowing DirecTV to offer out-of-market broadcasts, supplemental to...

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